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Lake County Republicans
Ron Catlett | Montana Water Rights Protection Act
Fri, 28 Feb 2020 12:00:00 GMT
Polson Rural Fire Station
Ron Catlett, Steve Daines Northwest Field Representative, will speak...

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Welcome to the 
Lake County Republicans Homepage

Mission Statement | We are here to serve Lake County with integrity by honoring the Republican and Constitutional values of individual liberty, personal responsibility, fiscal sustainability and compassionate conservatism.

We will recruit and support quality local and state candidates and we will inform and educate the people in our community about conservative solutions to leadership both to serve and influence public policy decisions for a better government and future.


The Lake County Republican Central Committee
meets the first Wednesday of every month
Rural Fire Hall off Regatta Road in Polson, MT
We look forward to you joining us in our mission.

  • To volunteer as a precinct captain in your area
  • canvass and door knock
  • Table at events
  • Make phone calls
  • Put up yard signs
  • Donate to Republican candidates, etc.




Chairman: Ron Tjaden, Email:
Vice-Chair: Ellen Wicklund
Secretary: Sharon Fulton
Treasurer: Michel Delgado
Finance Chair: Annette Schiele

State Committee Woman: Susan Lake
State Committeeman: Dan Salomon
Congressional Committeeman: Tracy Sharp
Congressional Committeewoman: Faith Dawson

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